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Rowing Club KST

New rowers are always welcome!

The youngest age limit is 8 years- old, but there is no upper age limit. Our oldest rowers are over age 60, but this is by no means the upper limit. These are not necessarily people who have been rowing for 30 years. One can still learn to row at this age!

Whether you have rowed before and want to try it again, or you have never rowed before, you can learn to row with us.  more....
***English speakers are very welcome at RC KST!  Many of the German speaking members communicate very well in English and are encouraging of those who are just learning to speak German.

Where can one row?
The club is located in Stahnsdorf, on Bäkepromenade, directly below the Machnower Lock on the Teltow Canal.  To a map of the area.

When can beginners come?
Beginners can come to any of the scheduled rowing times.

What is touring rowing?  more....

How much does it cost to row with the RC KST?     Membership fees

What kind of clothing is necessary?
Wear sports clothes that are appropriate for the weather. However, pants and pullovers should not be too loose, because the oars can caught on the clothing while rowing.
Find club clothing here.

If you have other questions, here is the contact information:  The board

Schleuse Kleinmachnow Ruderclub Bootshaus Stahnsdorf

Look from the Rowing Club to the Kleinmachnow lock

Open House Days

Saturday, April 21st and Sunday, April 22nd from 10:00-19:00